Below is a brief guide to the competitions we run. For more details, please contact the Competition Secretary.

Indoor Chuck Glider

This is a Winter indoor event. Bring knife, cutting matter, ruler, glue, plasticene (for ballast). You will be provided with a sheet of balsa. From this sheet you have to make the glider that will fly for the longest. Best of 5 throws.

Concours D'Elegance

This is a Winter indoor event. Bring along any model you have built. It will be judged by the attendees in a static display.

Control Line Balloon Burst

For control line models. Fastest to burst two balloons held on sticks.

R/C Limbo

How many times can you fly your radio controlled model under the limbo string in 2 minutes?


Sacle models have to fly and are then judged on the day.

Outdoor Chuck Glider

Bring along any unpowered model. Longest flight time wins.


Get a Dart from the BMFA (or Peter Baldwin) and bring it along built for the competition. Longest flight time wins.

Free Flight GRP

Glider, Rubber or Power free flight models can be used. Power is restricted to a 10 second run. Longest flight time wins.

KK Senator

Click Here for Instructions

R/C Glide & Spot Landing

Fly up high with power for 1 minute. Then cut the engine, and try to stay up the longest, landing as close as possible to the mark on the landing patch.

R/C Pattern

Aerobatic skill competition.

R/C Helicopter

Never run before this year. Content to be confirmed.