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Messages: Dates for early 2023 events now set.......click here
Next event:
Club members INDOOR FLYING, Friday 24th February, 7pm to 10pm in the Church Langton Village Hall.
Some ideas for indoor models. Our local model shop has some indoor models starting at around £59.99.
NEW: An interesting article explaining the relationship between IC and brushless motors and model weight.......click here

The Welham Lane field is now CLOSED for the winter. Please park in farmyard.

Welcome to the Official MHMAC website.

The main interest of club members is radio controlled model aeroplanes, but members also have interests in helicopters, free flight, gliding, control line and electric.
To fly at any of our fields you must be a club member and have a valid CAA operators licence - you can learn more here on the CAA website.

Our Committee
Our committee are elected by the members to run the club and are always interested in members opinions and ideas for improvements. 
Committee members are:
Chairman: Eric Bradley
Secretary: Dave Ginns
Treasurer: Dave Ginns
Comp. Sec.: Pete Baldwin
Newsletter Editor/Librarian: Derrick Ward
P.R.O.: vacant

Our Flying Fields
We are based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Our club has three fields available for flying. 

1) The main field is situated in Welham Lane near Great Bowden.  Flying is 7days 11am until dusk.

2) A larger field suitable for R/C gliders and free flight models at East Carlton.

3) A slope soaring sight at Jurassic Way, Honey Hill near Cold Ashby.
The last two are also used by other model fliers.

Sunday 11th September 2022 club event 11
RC pattern. Take off, execute 5 aerobatic manoeuvres of your choice then land.
Landing on the patch gives 5 bonus points.

Event 11 .......pilot - bonus points
1st= Ken Brown - 5 54 points
1st= Dave Ginns - 0 54 points
2nd= Tim Smith - 5 53 points
2nd= Peter Baldwin - 0 53 points
Sunday 7th August 2022 club event 10:

Glider duration and spot landing. 1 second penalty per metre away from the spot.

Event 10.......pilot - glider name - penalty
1st Dave Morris - non descript 17foot - 2sec penalty 6min 02sec
2nd Dave Ginns - lightning - 10sec penalty 5min 05sec
3rd Tim Smith - greensleeves - 37sec penalty 4min 28sec
4th Ken Brown - walrus - 8sec penalty 2min 57sec
5th Roger Jayes - nebula - 9sec penalty 2min 53sec
6th Dave Lloyd - diamond - 36sec penalty 2min 06sec
7th Steve Randall - haven't got a clue - 16sec penalty 1min 24sec
retired Mick Cave and Peter Baldwin with technical problems  
Thursday 28th July 2022 club event 9:
Good conditions for the BMFA Dart competition.

Event 9 (BMFA Dart competition) final results, total flight time from best 3 of 5 flights:
1st Derrick Ward 2min 10.47sec
2nd Pete Baldwin 1min 39.00sec
3rd Dave Ginns 1min 38.26sec
4th Dave Morris 1min 14.00sec
5th Mick Cave 0min 59.00sec
6th Roger Jayes 0min 46.35sec
7th Steve Randall 0min 19.71sec
Tuesday 14th June 2022 club events 6 and 7 results:

Great weather for the GRP and Senator events.
Broken rubber motors dogged the flights - we'll be looking for better quality rubber for next year.
Perhaps this
"bible" of rubber motor design may help.

Event 6 (Free flight GRP) final results:
1st Dave Ginns (2 flights) 3min 22.78sec
2nd Sue Johnson  (3 flights) 1min 22.00sec
3rd Roger Jayes (3 flights) 0min 50.97sec
4th Derrick Ward (2 flights dropped out due to broken rubber motor) 0min 18.11sec

Event 7 (Senator) final results:
1st Sue Johnson (3 flights) 2min 44.35sec
2nd Dave Ginns  (2 flights dropped out due to broken rubber motor) 0min 51.75sec
3rd Roger Jayes (2 flights dropped out due to broken rubber motor) 0min 18.04sec
4th Derrick Ward (1 flight dropped out due to broken rubber motor) 0min 13.44sec
Sunday 12th June 2022 club event 8 results:

In spite of the windy conditions the outdoor chuck glider went ahead. Derrick was first off the starting grid
and achieved >2minutes - yes I kid not. Derrick's chuck glider was last seen heading upwards in the direction
of Sutton Bassett having been caught in a thermal!

Event 8 (Outdoor chuck glider) final results:

1st Derrick Ward  balsa glider 1min 30.19sec
2nd Dave Ginns  balsa glider 0min 51.22sec
3rd Dave Lloyd  balsa glider 0min 37.81sec
4th Dave Morris  balsa glider 0min 34.47sec
5th Pete Baldwin  balsa glider 0min 32.78sec
6th Tim Smith  balsa glider 0min 29.96sec
7th Mick Cave balsa glider 0min 22.14sec
8th Sue Johnson balsa glider 0min 21.59sec
9th Roger Jayes foamy black bullet jet fighter 0min 15.26sec
Who remembers Frog kits? There is a nice website with plans and pictures all about Frog gliders here.
Sunday 15th May 2022 - BMFA mass fly:
The BMFA mass flying event resulted in 3109 RC aircraft in the air at 12 noon.
Click here for further details of the MHMAC entrants seen below with their aircraft: