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A selection of models built by MHMAC club members. To add your models send Roger photos and details.

Alex's Elan built from a Cambrian kit

Alex's Bristol F2B built from a Flair kit.
Club Concours d'Elegance and RC Scale winner 2018

Alex's Fairchild PT19 built from an Apache kit (now available from SLEC)

Alex's Fokker DR1 built from a Flair kit. Won club Concours d'Elegance

Alex's Maricardo built from a SLEC kit

Alex's Puppeteer built from a Flair kit plus added hardware

Roger's Just Junior built from plan and modified for electric flight

Roger's Piper Cherokee built from a Model Tech kit and OS25 powered

OK I confess, I didn't build this!!
Roger's A400 from Tony Nijhaus plan but bought ready built and powered
by 4 electric motors. Sadly came to grief during the fourth flight and is no more!

Roger's A400 in flight video (to play click on the picture)
and here is a very large RC A400 (38Kg!!).
The A400 has a unique engine rotation configuration to create an airflow over the wing
aptly named "down between engines" making the real A400 more stable.
The turboprop arrangement has two turbofans on either side of the fuselage. The counter-rotation of the fans creates a symmetrical airflow over the wing to improve the lift capacity, handling, and stability. Additionally, it reduces the structural weight of the wing and minimises the adverse yaw in the event of an engine failure.

For the model, I concluded it was somewhat too heavy for it's wing area, it was prone
 to instability at lower airspeeds. Keeping it stable meant an unrealistic airspeed
and fast landings. It initially had no flaps - modified with flaperons seemed to help
but a trial at "sensible" slow speed ended in a tip stall and disaster.
If you build one, proper flaps are a must!!