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Below is a brief guide to the competitions we run.
For more details, please contact the Competition Secretary.

CLUB TROPHIES (relevant event number in brackets)

Harper Challenge Cup for free flight (indoor chuck glider (1), outdoor chuck glider (8), BMFA Dart (9)).
Dave Gilbert Trophy for radio control (glide and spot (10), aerobatics (11), limbo (4)).
Control Line Shield (control line balloon burst (3)).
The Vince Redfern Memorial Trophy (for free flight (6)).
Chairman's Shield (for concours d'elegance (2)).
President's Cup (for scale (5)).
The Albert Hatfull Memorial Trophy (for Senator (7)).
Senior Championship (all events).
Junior Championship (all events).
The Doug Hensmann Memorial Trophy (for non committee member support to club).

Event 1: Indoor Chuck Glider

This is a Winter indoor event. Bring with you a knife, cutting matter, ruler, glue and plasticine (for ballast).
You will be provided with a sheet of balsa (9" x 3" x 1/16").
From this sheet you have to make the glider that will fly for the longest.
Best time wins, you have 5 "chucks".
Here's one plan idea - the "Camp Cookout Catapult Glider" - just re-scale to half size to fit the balsa sheet provided.
A plan from Derrick - a "YellowBird" scaled for the 9 x 3 balsa sheet.
Another plan from Derrick - the clubs 2019 design with instructions.

Event 2: Concours d'Elegance

This is a Winter indoor event. Bring along any model you have built.
It will be judged by the attendees in a static display.

Event 3: Control Line Balloon Burst

For control line models. Fastest to burst two balloons held on sticks.

Event 4: R/C Limbo

How many times can you fly your radio controlled model under the limbo string in 2 minutes?

Event 5: Scale

Scale models have to fly and are then judged on the day.

Event 6: Free Flight GRP

Glider, Rubber or Power free flight models can be used. Power is restricted to a 10 second run.
Longest flight time wins.

Event 7: Keil Kraft Senator (Designed by Albert E. Hatfull in 1951)

The Senator must be built and flown by the entrant from either a kit or from plans.
Each entrant has 5 flights, the best 3 times are summed to give a combined flight time. 
Longest flight time wins. See here for proposed rules: Proposed rules by John Wood
Printable Plan (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
Parts Template 1 (Right Click and "Save Link As")
Parts Template 2 (Right Click and "Save Link As")
Plan in DXF Format for those of you with suitable CAD/CAM packages (Right Click and "Save Link As")

Event 8: Outdoor Chuck Glider

Bring along any unpowered model.
Each entrant has 5 flights, the best 3 times are summed to give a combined flight time. 
Longest flight time wins.
Click here to download a plan for the Yellowbird chuck glider from October 1961 Aeromodeller.

Event 9: BMFA Dart

Get a Dart from the BMFA and bring it along built for the competition.
Each entrant has 5 flights, the best 3 times are summed to give a combined flight time. 
Longest flight time wins.
Click here to go to the BMFA website to purchase a Dart kit.

Event 10: R/C Glide & Spot Landing

Climb as high as possible with power for 30 seconds then cut the engine and stay airbourne for as long as possible.
Land as close as possible to the mark on the landing patch, time penalties are applied for each metre away from the landing patch.

Event 11: R/C Pattern
Aerobatic skill competition marked for
Take-off. 10 points max.
Performing 5 manoeuvres from following list, each manoeuvre is marked 10 points max:
  - figure of eight
  - left circle
  - right circle
  - inside loop
  - roll
  - stall turn
  - inside vertical ed.
  - 3 spins
  - outside loop
Approach and landing. 10 points max.
Landing on the patch gives 5 bonus points. If you miss the patch or hit the edge 0 points.

75 points for a perfect performance.

Event 12: R/C Helicopter

Never run before this year.
Content to be confirmed.